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Five years back, when our usual moderator could not do an Advertising Concept job for us, we approached Strategic Focus. We have not looked back since because we’ve gotten so much more out of David’s detailed probing and transcribing. We can be assured of having solid data to support conclusions that are authentic to what respondents are saying which can be lacking in qualitative researches.

The team supporting David has been excellent as well, from high quality recruitment to video streaming tests to detailed reporting, the team has consistently been prompt, flexible and nimble. Strategic Focus also proved to be extremely resourceful for regional work in Asia. When my research partners (both in-house and out-sourced researchers) in the US and Europe have difficulty with their usual Asian partners, we recommended Strategic Focus to them. And indeed, we only get rave reviews from our global counterparts.

Thanks for the great job, David and team!

Vivian Lim
Market Researcher - Singapore

Always thoughtfully minded with lots of insights that are right to the points.

Amy Tang
Marketing Director - DKSH Hong Kong

David and his team at Strategic Focus were a pleasure to work with. The preparation stage was extremely thorough as they made sure they clearly understood our overall goals and all parties were comfortable with the script. Throughout the sessions, they were able to adjust style, flow, and script nearly real-time based on our collective observations of the interviews. Additionally, given that we conducted over 30 sessions of various sizes in three different countries and in multiple languages, it was imperative that our partner be cross-cultural and multi-lingual. Strategic Focus exceeded our expectations in every facet of the experience and we would highly recommend them.

Thomas R. Robinson, CFP(r), CFA - Managing Director, Education
John L. Bowman, CFA - Head, Product Strategy

We have been working with Strategic Focus for over 10 years now producing the highly influential Hong Kong PMI which has become a leading economic indicator for the region. Through the peaks and troughs of the economic cycle the team at Strategic Focus have kept the panel up to strength and delivered data every month on time and to spec. They are always willing to give advice and help in any way that they can which is greatly appreciated.

Richard A S Willis
Market Economics
- Director, Sponsorship & Business Development

與David合作已有幾年時間, 每一次聽David為我及我公司做市場報告分析, 都是我最期待的時刻, 因為每一次聽完報告後, 都令我有很多的得著, 讓我有更多的思維去發展多方面的業務.  David對客戶的熱誠及充滿愛心關懷的態度, 真的令我感動萬分! 我衷心希望David與其公司的業務蒸蒸日上, 能為更多的市場策略者服務, 令各行業百花齊放.  Wish you all the best!


(I have been cooperating with David for the last couple of years. What I anticipate most is when I listen to his market research analysis and presentation about me and my company. This is because after listening to each of his presentation, I gained a lot from it and it enables me to generate more thoughts to develop and diversify my business. David's attitude in dealing with client is full of solicitude and passion which really touches me a lot. II truly hope that David and his business will flourish and he can broaden his service to other marketing sectors and help other sectors prosper as well. Wish you all the best!)

Angel Tong
Group Chairman - Angel Tong (Int'l) Holdings Ltd

数年前から一緒に仕事をしていますが David および Strategic Focus のリサーチによってわれわれは台湾、香港、上海の消費者についてとても有益な理解を常に得ることが出来ています。 David の司会はとても洗練されており彼より上手な司会を自分の国でも見たことがありません。 また、David以外にもスタッフも含めて 的確なレポーティングや親切かつスピーディな対応が我々を再び Strategic Focus に仕事を依頼させます。
(We have been working with Strategic Focus for years. With the research projects conducted by David and Strategic Focus, we have obtained a lot of useful understanding about consumers in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai. We are always impressed with the polished moderating skills of David - we haven't come across any moderator that can be compared with him even in Japan. Besides, other staffs at Strategic Focus also help us a lot with their precise reporting and friendly, speedy responses. We will be happy to continue working together with Strategic Focus.)

Shusaku Nomoto
Market Researcher - Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.

In the past few years, we have worked with Strategic Focus on several projects mainly because we are very satisfied with their service. Mr. David Hui is a very experienced moderator. As a Singaporean living in Hong Kong and conducting research in several Chinese cities, David is very conversant in Chinese languages and is a great help to us when conducting focus group research across several cities in China. Due to his constant observations of the market place and his familiarity with FMCG products, he saves us a lot of time and effort in explaining the research brief and for him to design the questionnaire/ discussion guide. His vast knowledge of the market place enables him to provide a lot of good recommendations and thus have helped us to develop strategic marketing plans. In addition, the working attitudes of his colleagues are very serious, responsible and have definitely contributed to the success of the research projects.

Lilian Au
Marketing Director - A.S. Watson Asia

Quality is the equity of Strategic Focus. I can always trust the reported data because Strategic Focus exercises thorough and strict quality check of them, so they are clean and accurate.

Victor Foo
Director of Research - Citibank, N.A.

Strategic Focus: I cannot say anything more positive about David Hui and Strategic Focus than "I would use them again!" The results, professionalism, translation, quick understanding of clients business are all top shelf. Their understanding of markets, business needs and facilities for focus groups is why I would use them for discovering unique Asian business opportunities.

Kelly Sweeney
Business Development Manager

David and his team have passion and commitment for excellence and are always ready to work as your colleagues. They listen to what you need and will deliver professional planning and execution to find out what are essential for you to have a strategic audit.

Ada Lee
Polaroid Far East Limited
- Sales & Marketing Manager HK Operation

The expertise of Strategic Focus in market research contributes greatly to our strategic planning and policy making. Providing integrated research solutions, they always advise the best use of cost-effective methodologies that produce useful and reliable market information. Action-oriented recommendations also offer clear picture for decision-making. Their consultancy is swift, trustworthy, customer-oriented but not client-leaded, with professional initiatives.

Nancy Pang
The Kowloon Motor Bus Co. (1933) Ltd

I'd like to express my gratitude for all your hard work once again. Please also help me to thank Ah Fong and Tiffany for their hard work on recruitment and hospitality. All of you are so professional and delivered services beyond our expectations (even our dinner take away order!). We feel very comfortable working with you all and appreciate your devotion to our project. You did deliver first-rate research findings to us which I haven't seen for ages. I always believe passion is the key to success. Thank you! You proved it's right. And I'm very happy to see how powerful a good research can be. I'd love to work with you again in the future. Though our budget is small and there are not many projects, Strategic Focus will definitely be my preferred research partner.
Keep up your good work.

Jessica Kwan
Research Manager

I first came to know David 10 years ago when I was working in an international advertising agency. Throughout all the experiences I have in working with David, I am always impressed by his profound knowledge in market research, his professional attitude, his proficient understanding of different business markets, from for-profit to non-profit sector, his passion and dedication in helping clients to identify customer behaviour and business insights to bring changes. David is also well respected as a person of high integrity, a business leader who carries a heart in corporate social responsibility. To me, David is a seasoned market research professional, a motivating team leader, a trustworthy friend.

Beatrice Lau
Head of Fundraising, Médecins Sans Frontières Hong Kong

I had the opportunity to work with David Hui and his team at Strategic Focus on two very different occasions. In 2005, we commissioned Strategic Focus to conduct focus groups to test creative for Carlsberg's new brand campaign. The agency was accurate in the selection of candidates and the extremely efficient in the organization of the process which spanned several groups across China. As the moderator, David was very impressive with his command of the groups and was able to elicit and interpret feedback with great insight and objectivity. Not only but his analysis and report insightful, he also offered strategic solutions on how the data should be used to launch the campaign effectively.

I commissioned Strategic Focus again in 2008 to conduct an online survey for Animals Asia to test perceptions and attitudes of the organization among supporters. As Animals Asia is a charity, David generously offered his services pro bono. As with my initial experience, I found the Strategic Focus team to be extremely efficient, thorough and helpful in offering solutions. I was most impressed and grateful that the team showed the same professionalism in handling a pro bono client as they did with their paying clients.

Juanita Tom
International Marketing & Fundraising Director
, Animals Asia Foundation